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What's the difference in your business & hiring a Full Charge Bookkeeper?

Most small businesses do not need a full time bookkeeper. We're also not an employee, therefore you don't have to pay our employee taxes, benefits or workers compensation. No need to worry about us not working when we should be, things not being done on time and having to sift through the recruiting process only to end up with personnel who can't handle the job due to overselling their abilities, or paying more hours than what's needed. Not to mention we can't file unemployment claims against you!

We're essentially like having an employee, but classified as a contractor. We also work as a team, all of our staff have been in accounting for over 15 years individually, but with a combined experience of almost 90 years. Therefore if the main person through RBS is out sick, on vacation or so on, another will handle your business during this period. Depending on the size of your business, we may already have two people handling your business as well. Even though all of us are well versed in all facets of AR, AP and payroll, each person has a specialty or area they have more knowledge in. Therefore in reality instead of hiring one person who may know a little in all areas, you're getting a team well verse in all areas.

What are your office hours?

Our customers deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do. We do not maintain normal office hours. While we're available from 0900-1300 Monday thru Friday for all existing clients, we set up all clients with a set of normal working hours, weekly meetings, and other items you might need based of your schedules, what is needed and our availability. But a lot of our clients prefer to deal some aspects during non-traditional business hours, therefore while the normal work load is done during normal business hours we will work individually with your schedule which may be outside of those hours.

What do you charge?

This is a bit hard to answer. While we do have default hourly rates for service groups, since every business is unique our pricing reflects on what the business needs which is why we don't advertise specific pricing. With that said there is lower pricing made available to businesses who wish to utilize our services long term vs those who only wish to have us either set them with a QBO account & set everything up or those who wish to transition from the desktop to online versions. We do offer this as it's own service, by request and the hourly pricing is higher for short term contracts. Anything less than a year is considered short term for us. Any service agreements for a year minimum will automatically be at a lower per hour rate. Rates will be discussed during the consultation and catered to your businesses needs. An official quote and contract will be provided after the consultation if all parties wish to proceed.

Why are you remote only?

Honestly it's what works for us and what the owner has been doing since 2018. We also discovered most bookkeeping and payroll needs can be done more accurately and proficiently when the personnel involved is not bothered by outside sources. All of us have worked in an office at some point while also having experience working remotely. Along with others in the field, this is one thing which is constantly wished for to be able to work from home. With that said, we've also discovered those who work remote with a more flexible schedule tend to not only be more productive while accurate in their work, but also more willing to work more especially when things pop up. Therefore it's something we love and it benefits not only us, but any of our clients. The owner has been known to take calls from businesses at 9pm or on weekends when they have questions and especially for those just starting out with us whom have never been remote.

Will you help transition into the services you provide being remote?

Yes, absolutely. We've worked with several businesses who's bookkeeping and or payroll jobs were originally in office going remote. There's not much difference in it other than you won't see our faces day in and day out. Depending on your needs you'll see one of us either weekly or monthly through video chatting though and we're available by phone during the week if something may arise which requires our immediate attention.

What about in office check runs and mail?

IF your business is within 10 miles of our home office, and you prefer to cut checks vs online payments through your bank or use of a credit card, not scan all mail, time-sheets, or whatever else we needed, we do offer setting up a one hour in office visit one time either bi-weekly or monthly. The day & time may vary based on whom is available but also other clients we visit. Again, you have to be within 10 miles of our home office which is currently located in Prospect Kentucky, if you're not you will need either someone in your office who can assist with printing checks, or we can print them and overnight them to you for owners/managers to sign as well as you sending us the bills if you don't wish to scan them. There's options based on your preference and location.

For any out of state clients, everything must be done remotely.

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