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About Us

A Passion for Affordable, Accurate & Ethical Accounting

At Remote Bookkeeping Services, we understand the importance of accurate financial records for the success of any business. Our mission is to provide quality bookkeeping & payroll services for small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups with personalized attention and custom-made solutions.

We started out as obtaining degrees and certifications, having normal jobs with any array of business types as well as corporate jobs. Our owner decided to become a contractor (1099 employee) for several small businesses and quickly realized that corporate life wasn’t for her, as we preferred small businesses while working remotely


We were inspired by the knowledge we gained from our extended families’ businesses, as well as others we've helped along the way and decided to create RBS to provide more tailored services. We’ve seen firsthand the consequences of inexperienced employees taking on the task of bookkeeping and the negative impact inaccurate records can create. It can make or break small businesses. We've also witnessed how "previous employees" advised owners their job was more than 40 hours per week causing owners to pay overtime OR the "bookkeeping/payroll" duties were placed on personnel with little to no knowledge causing issues like duplicate expenses for the same services, over draft fees due to inaccurate tracking, inaccurate payroll reporting, inaccurate labor distribution or workers compensation reporting or cash flow projections. In most cases, full charge bookkeeping or payroll services are NOT a full time job with start-ups, micro or small sized businesses therefore these duties are typically added to personnel with little to no true knowledge or understanding. Even if you add in payroll processing and reporting, while utilizing payroll processing companies.

We're also aware most third party payroll service companies charge anywhere from 2-5% of reported payroll and most have additional admin fees costing the average small business to overpay by thousands of dollars simply for calculating payroll and reporting the taxes on your behalf. Let's not even go over the fee for "benefits" through these companies. They typically up-charge by 30-40% per employee for benefits which can cost up thousands per employee. All because they've advertised being a one-stop solution making these tasks seem daunting to small business owners when they don't have to be.

We strive to make an impact with our services. Not only are accurate accounting records essential for you & your business, but also for your clients, CPA and future.

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